Campus Life

Our College Campus Life

KIT and KIM Technical Campus is a thriving place comprising of a wide community of creative and accomplished people from all over India. The campus is a green, clean, and energy-efficient campus. Nearly 125 acres replete with a variety of facilities, State-of-the-art labs, libraries, Wi-Fi, knowledge center, 1500 capacity AC auditorium, 60 online smart classrooms, boys and girls hostels with premium facilities, endless convenience on campus including ATM's, bookstores, dining options, cafeterias, prayer halls, gym and more. The students are engaged with community radios, student clubs, cultural events, fitness centers.




Hostel & Mess


Our students have brought laurals to the collegs through thier participation in sports events. Some of the notable achivements in the sports by our college students are

  • Anna University, Zone XVI Winners in Football , Kabaddi and Athletic Championships (2015-16)
  • Anna University, Zone XVI Winners and overall Athletic Championships (2015-16)
  • Runners in Kabaddi and Athletic events (2016-19)
  • Anna University, Zone XVI Winners in Kabaddi and Runners in Football (2018-19)
  • Our proud students A.Ajith and P.Suganthan of Civil Engineering selected to represent Anna University, Chennai in Football and Kabaddi respectively for this academic year 2021- 2022 and played in the South Zone Inter Engineering tournaments held in Kozhikode and Trichy respectively.

NSS (National Service Scheme)

National Service Scheme popularly known as NSS, the scheme was launched in Mahatma Gandhi Centenary year 1969 and aimed at developing student’s personality through community service. The overall objective of National Service is educational. This objective is attained through the service to the community. National Service Scheme (NSS) is a permanent Youth Programme. We have an active NSS group in our campus, which involves in various activities within the region. We also conduct blood donations camps. Apart from being a scholar, making a good citizen of the society is also a responsibility of the college. We take that responsibility with pride and our students excels in the social welfare activities in the region.


RAGGING is strictly prohibited. Any student who directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets or propagates RAGGING within or outside the educational institution shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to 2 years and shall also be liable to a fine of Rs.25,000/-. He / She shall also be dismissed from the educational institution and such student shall not be admitted to any other educational institution.


Concurrentcourses for improvement of soft-skills, communicative ability andpersonality development are offered on campus. Extra-curricularactivities on Music, Dance, Sports and Yoga form part of academic routine. An Indoor Gymnasium with multipurposes is being developed.


  • Dr.A.Parthasarathy, Principal
  • Mr.S.Ulaganathan, Vice Principal
  • Mr.R.Susil Kumar, HoD/CSE
  • Mr.SP.Saravanan, HoD/Mechanical
  • Mr.A.Selvaramasamy, HoD/EEE
  • Mrs.R.Sigappy, HoD/Civil


  • Dr.S.Kaliyamoorthy, Dean-MBA
  • Mr.S.Ulaganathan, Vice Principal
  • Mr.AR.Palaniyappan, Physical Director
  • Mr.G.Anandhu, Libararian


  • Ms.R.Usha, HoD/S&H
  • Mr.V.Ilanthirayan, AP/Mechanical


  • Mr.R.Susil Kumar, HoD/CSE
  • Mr.SP.Saravanan, HoD/Mech
  • Mrs.V.Bharathi, AP/ECE
  • Mrs.I.Franciska, AP/CSE


  • Mr.A.Selvaramasamy, HoD/EEE
  • Mrs.N.Ashwini, AP/English
  • Ms.P.Priyanka, AP/ECE
  • Mr.D.Madhavan, AP/Mechanical


  • Mr.P.Shankar, HoD/PED
  • Mrs.N.Ashwini, AP/English
  • Mrs.M.Narmatha, AP/CSE
  • Mrs.M.Dhivya, AP/Civil
  • Mr.B.Velayutham, AP/ECE

Hostel and Mess

Uninterrupted power supply, mineral water from RO Plant, exclusive hostels for boys and girls are provided. A good cafeteria is available and subsidized compulsory lunch is given to all students on the campus.

Indoor Games Hall, Visitor's Hall, 24 Hours Security, Daily Room Cleaning, Helpers, Dobby Facility, Cloth Drying Hall and comfortable beds are provided in the hostel. Currently, a total of 200 students (100boys and 100girls) are to be accommodated in the exclusive hostels on the campus. The strength is planned to be increased to 600 students(300boys and 300 girls) in the coming years.